The Benefits of Serviced Office Space

The Benefits of Serviced Office Space

The location and working environment of your business are perhaps two  of the most important factors in its success. From ensuring you are ideally located to meet customers’ or clients’ needs to providing a comfortable and efficient working environment for your staff, the physical space your business adopts can have a huge impact on the overall success of your organisation.

With this in mind, the day-to-day management of your business property is something that most organisations do not want to worry about, meaning serviced offices are becoming increasingly popular. The benefits of attaining office space that suits the business needs, is flexible and managed by an external company are endless. Whether you are a small business looking to set up a professional workspace or a larger organisation in need of a temporary office, serviced office space offers a convenient and effective solution.

We’ve taken a look at the key benefits of serviced office space and how they could work for you.

Simple, Stress-Free Solution

A serviced office requires very little work from the business owners and  allows you to take an easy step forward in progressing your business. This is a  key benefit of opting for a serviced office  as amenities such as internet connection, phone line and furniture is  be provided  meaning you and your staff can get to work immediately.

In many serviced office spaces there are also staffed reception desks, cleaning services and refreshment facilities all of which contribute to the ease and convenience of this option.

Convenient, Flexible Leases

One of the main factors in businesses choosing a serviced office  is the flexibility that they  offer. Conventional office leases typically last a number of years, tying businesses into the particular office and location. If your company requirements change during this time many landlords aren’t flexible enough to adjust to suit your  needs without incurring a significant cost. With a serviced office there is the option to expand a contract to suit your needs, typically without need for a lengthy notice. This is a huge benefit to organisations who may need to expand or contract at short notice, allowing them to adjust to suit any needs.

Professional, Polished Image

For smaller businesses or larger organisations needing temporary office space for a short-term project, leasing a serviced office allows you to maintain and promote a professional and corporate image. When visitors arrive at your building they will be greeted by a friendly customer service team and welcomed to a professional environment. You can then take your visitors to professional meeting and conference space, with everything catered for in advance.

You can still portray this image even if your customers don’t visit you in person because many serviced office providers include telephone answering in their office package.  This ensures that your calls are always answered in a professional manner and messages can be taken if you’re away from the office.

Available to Businesses of all Sizes

There is often a misconception that serviced offices are exclusively suitable for SMEs or just for very short terms lets. The convenience and advantages of this solution translate just as well to larger organisations and can be used to suit a range of requirements.

Serviced offices are a perfect solution for businesses working on specific projects needing to house staff in a temporary new location or when moving an area of the business to a new area or city.

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